About Us

Many people ask us how the Proudly Canadian logo and resulting trade marked line of clothing and accessories originated. Like most entrepreneurs, it is an ideology which we are passionate about. Over the past 15 years, we have applied the Proudly Canadian logo to our corporate premiums.

Canada and its citizens are well respected and our Maple Leaf is recognized around the world, so we attempted to Trade Mark our logo and concept. Not to bore you with lengthy legal details, but 30 months later, we obtained the trademark for Proudly Canadian from the Federal Government.

When traveling for business or pleasure, people recognize our emblem immediately. Strangers will walk up to us and bluntly ask to buy the item right off our back or in some cases right off our head.

We now receive the same stories from people on vacation in other countries or while walking through airports. People see our product in public and want some of their own. Whether for personal use, souvenirs or gifts, our trade marked items are greeted with wide eyes and smiles!

We are inspired more and more each day by all who wear our clothing whether they be famous personalities, corporate associates or proud Canadians living and working around the world. We hope that you enjoy the site and our line of products.